24 December 2009

Now it really is the night before Christmas!!

Gosh, I can't believe it's Christmas tomorrow! Time has really flown by! I have been flat chat working, we've been away to Queensland for two weeks then down to Waratah Bay for a week, life has been hectic and great!

Spence is going great guns! His speech gets better every day, he has new words and strings together sentences, it's amazing to watch! I don't think we'd be able to count his vocabulary even if we tried now, he has just picked up so much over the last two months. And he says and does such funny little things, it's quite amusing.

We are having a big Christmas at our house tomorrow with family. We're so excited, our xmas tree is nearly covered up by the presents stacked around it!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Here's a few pics of pits and pieces:

Little vegie gardens when I first planted them

And what they look like now!! Plus the big vegie garden I'm making:

This is the toybox that I made for Spence:

Ky and Spence - we went for a picnic to Tarago Reservoir the other week:

Here's our stacked up Christmas tree!

Macadamia nut parfait at The Big Pineapple in Nambour!

Spence loved swimming everyday up in Caloundra

Port Welshpool

18 October 2009

We're here!

Yes, we're here! In the country!! We're loving it!

It's so great to have so much space around us, space for Spencer to run around and play outside. We even have room to kick the footy in the backyard, how cool is that?
We've met a few of the neighbours and they've all been really nice. I've been out walking a few times, discovering places to go with Spence in the pram. - we even pass cows, horses and sheep along the path! Speaking of animals, Spencer has just suddenly learnt a heap of animal names and noises! Just one day all of a sudden - we suspect they might have worked on animal names and noises at daycare or something because although we've been saying them alot, he just got it one day out of the blue! It's really cute, you say 'What does the cow say?' and he gives a funny little shy look and says 'Moo moo'. His 'oink oink' is really cute! I'll have to try to get some on video - but he goes shy when the camera goes on!

Someone told us that a child of 2 should have a vocabulary of about 50 words, so even though Spence is only 19 months, Ky and I wrote down all the words we think he knows (without prompting or just copying) to see how close he would be to 50, so here's our list in no particular order(I'm sure we've missed a few):

Bibby (Bib)
Pakka (Makka Pakka - children's show character)
Ugg boot
Bikkie (as in biscuit)
See ya
Pee Pee

And wouldn't you know it - 50 words! He's a genius!

29 September 2009

Twas the night before christmas.....

That's what it feels like! We are moving house tomorrow and it feels like the night before christmas, you know when you have a million things to do and you know that the next day is going to be long and exhausting and hard work, but you're really excited??! That's where we are at right now!

Spencer is at his nana's house for tonight and tomorrow night so we can do lots of work. We have picked up the keys to the house, taken two car loads up, met the neighbours - all this whilst I've had two teleconferences, written a meeting agenda for work, reviewed software issues, written meeting minutes up, organised the boat crew for tomorrow night's training (will talk about that one in a minute!), eaten lots of junk food and finished packing at our current house as well!!

So the boat thing - well, very excited to be making my big sailing 'come back' - doing the women's series racing over the next six months on a lovely big boat. I am the 'crew manager' which turns out to be quite a job! I'll post some pictures of the boat when i get some.

Just an update on Spencer's modelling career - he was due to be on the front cover of a government organisation's annual report - well, he was bumped!! And you know why?? Get this - he was 'not ethnic enough'!!!??? There's a bit of reverse racism for you! So poor old Spence, looks like he'll just have to get an education and a real job like the rest of us!

Anyway, busy busy, better get back to packing now!

20 September 2009

10 days to go!

Yep, just 10 days until the big move (and only 8 until settlement!).
We've done quite a bit of packing now and just waiting for the big day! Very exciting stuff!

On the home front, Spencer is doing great...as you can see from his funny picture! I've just had a birthday, so we had 'birthday weekend' (I like to devote a full weekend to birthdays, a day just isn't enough). Had a great weekend, we went and kicked the footy, threw the softball, went to a friend's place for dinner, went to Gold Class movies (gotta love Gold Class!). Spencer stayed at Nana's house for the weekend. It was great! So now I'm another year older! Life is good!

26 August 2009

Gosh, it's been ages!

Yes, sorry for that interlude in transmission.....just so much happening...where to start:
1. We're moving to the country - yes, we've bought a new house in 'the country', a little town with a population of only 500 in Gippsland, Victoria. It's pretty close to a much bigger town and only an hour and a half from Melbourne, so it's not too drastic. We're really excited, we have half an acre with a nice house on it. It backs onto someone elses farm so we get to see the cows and stuff and feel like we live on a farm, without having to do all the hard work associated!

2. We've started a business - just a little one and we're just going slowly doing all the setup required. It's a website development business.

3. Spencer is lovely! He's almost 18 months old and saying some words, like Mummy, More, Up, Pakka (Makka Pakka - a character from a children's show), Car-Car, Bikky, Nanna, Fish (he says Shish), Duck, Turtle (he says Ter-Ter), Crocodile (he says Croca), Drink (he says dink), cheese...and some more that i can't think of right now! He also babbles alot and has quite detailed conversations that we can't really understand!

4. Spencer is going to be on the front page of a magazine...well, ok, it's not really a magazine as such, but the annual report of a government department! A friend works at the Office of the Child Safety Commissioner in the Victorian Government and she saw a pic of Spence and asked if they could use it on their front cover, so of course we said yes!

5. We are going to be on television! After me giving a very successful presentation at a Property investment seminar recently we have received alot of positive feedback and somehow this went back to a property investment celebrity who hosts a show on foxtel. She is going to interview us for the show next week!

Gosh, well that's lots of news for now!

03 July 2009

Winter colds

I think he's got another one...damn. Woke up coughing and sneezing and with lots of snot today. I was kinda hoping three in a row would do, but nope...another one.
Other than that, he's going great. Running around, playing with stuff, saying words, reading lots of books. Books would definitely be his favorite thing to play with.
He's such a lovely little thing!

I do wish, however, that he'd just sort the sleeping at night thing out a bit better. He seems to be crying often these days at night. He'll wake up about 10 or 11 pm and often cry for ages, we go into his room and pat him a bit every ten minutes or so for an hour and a half and often that doesn't work and we give in a give him a bottle - the only thing that seems to get him back to sleep. It's a tiring business and I'd kinda hoped he would have it sorted by this age, but it appears to be usual after speaking to others in my mothers group. So, spending a lot of nights frustrated and tired.

Kylie gave him a haircut the other night. His beautiful long girly locks are gone! He did look a little like Mr Spock at first, but we're getting used to it now!

16 June 2009

Count your blessings

A work colleague of mine lost his little boy on the weekend. He stopped breathing and although he was resuscitated, he had been down too long and his 'life support' was stopped.

His son was just a few months older than Spencer and although he had been sick over the past few months and undergone a major operation, he had returned home and was on the mend. Then...bam...he's gone.

I don't know how anyone can manage to cope, to go on with life after losing a child. I am just so so sad to think of my poor friend and his wife and it brings tears to my eyes to just think about it. I cannot imagine the pain they must be feeling and I just hope that they can manage to keep going.

Count your blessings, because you just never know.....

10 June 2009

Jack of all trades..master of none...well, one.....

Today was the exam for my final subject of my masters. Hoorah!!!
Such a good feeling to have no study to worry about...ever....well, until I decide to study something else! Apparently now, I am a Master of IT!! Ha!
I am looking forward to doing whatever I feel like on my days off now.

On the little boy front, he's sick again. Bloody day care. It seems he just alternates every two weeks between being well and being sick. He's got a really nasty cough and hasn't been sleeping well with it, so we're all feeling it in some way. He's still trying to be his lovely little self even through the sickness, he's been dancing away to the iggle piggle song and loving it! He's just so cute!

03 June 2009

Moving to the country....gonna eat a lot of peaches.....

Yes, a great lyric from the Presidents of the United States of America...whatever happened to them.....

Somewhat relevant to us at the moment as we are contemplating a move to the country. We are looking for somewhere that is close enough so that Ky can commute to work in Metropolitan Melbourne, but far enough that it can be called 'the country'!

We would like Spence to grow up in the country, especially with the increase in violence and crime that seems to be occurring all around the country in our major cities. The number of stabbings and bashings we hear about on the news now is frightening and the amount of ridiculous alcohol fuelled violence that goes on at night is terrible. I don't know what has happened to our society but it seems that people just lack basic respect for each other. And unless you can afford to buy a home in a more affluent, less 'rough' suburb, then you're stuck in the burbs with the riff raff! Like us!!

So...we are contemplating a move and just waiting till my uni finishes next week to do some real research and visit a few propective places...

On the Spence front...he's going great, walking around, babbling to himself, saying his few recognizable words, being generally very cute! He's almost 15 months now, wow!

09 May 2009

Look at him go!!

I can't believe that in three days he's got it. From a couple of little baby steps to walking right across the room!!

07 May 2009

Baby steps!

The little boy has started to take some little steps all by himself!!
We are so excited! A few days ago he took one step by himself and then yesterday he took a few more and today he has been taking little steps all over the place!! At one point he even took about 6 in a row!!!
It's so exciting!! I managed to get a little bit on video and if I ever get some spare time I will get it into a format that I can post here - perhaps on the weekend.
Here's a recent pic of the lovely boy.

03 May 2009

Still here....

Yep, still here....just unbelievably busy, work is still crazy and my uni stuff is taking every other bit of time I have left. It's just six weeks or so to go now and I will be finished my Masters....thank goodness....really just want to take it easy and enjoy life for a little bit after my exam. I feel that everything is just so rushed at the moment.
Spence is going great, still cruising along furniture but not quite walking by himself. He's just starting to learn to 'dance' which is cute. I think that we have decided that it's time to get his first haircut. As much as I want to let it grow as it is, it's in his eyes all the time, so has to go. I will be sure to get the before and after shots up here!

25 April 2009

Happy 3 Years to us!

It's our three year anniversary today and as I look back I think what amazing things we've done in such a short time.

I am so very lucky to have such amazing things and amazing people in my life. I love our life together and I love our family.

23 April 2009


Little Spence seems to have grown so much in the last couple of weeks. His talking is really sounding like real talking, he's even saying a few words, like puppy, baby and mummy! Though he does says them to a range of people and objects....oh well, gotta start somewhere!
He's also working out how to use stuff, he's playing with buttons and gauges and toys with much more proficiency than before. It's so cool to seeing him learning all these new things. He's still not walking by himself yet, but he's pushing his little car along by himself and stands up without holding on much more frequently.
We still haven't had his hair cut yet, I think it looks cute as it is but Kylie has mentioned getting it cut a few times now....not sure why I don't want to get it cut, maybe worried he won't look so cute anymore or he'll look so much older!

21 April 2009

The Big C

My dad has cancer. What a horrible sentence to type. The mass in his bladder is being removed tomorrow. He's had a scan on the rest of his body but not sure of the result of that yet. Not sure whether further treatment is required beyond the bladder resection. I'm trying not to worry too much but it's hard not to.

Regarding my other little sickies - Ky and Spence - well they're both good, apart from snotty grotty noses, which we've all had, they are good.

We had a lovely weekend last weekend. I planned a special treat where we dropped Spence off at mum's house and we went into the city and went shopping then checked into our nice hotel apartment, went to the gym and for a swim, went out for a lovely dinner and then went to see Billy Elliot the musical. We then went to the Home Improvements Show on Sunday morning before going back to get Spence from mums. We had an awesome time.

09 April 2009

Sickness, day procedure and biopsies.

Little Spence was unwell again last week. Poor little had a snuffly nose and had trouble sleeping because he was all clogged up, so we had about four sleepless nights. He's pretty much better now. He's getting more and more confident standing up without holding onto things and he's even started to walk around pushing his little car all by himself!
Ky had a little operation today but all is good, just a little look around and seems everything is good.
My dad on the other hand has been having some issues and it seems that he has a 'mass' that is being investigated. That's a little scary. It'll be a few weeks though before we find out what the go is.
I've been a stress head for the past 3-4 weeks now. Work is just far too busy and it seems to be all that i am doing day and night. We're off for a few days again tomorrow to the country, but of course i have to work 3 out of the four days we're away, so not much of a holiday for me.....would really like to change something about what I am doing workwise, it's just not worth all the stress....

22 March 2009

Spencer's Birthday Party

Well our little boy has turned one! Hard to believe, it's all gone so fast, yet on the other hand, it's difficult to remember what life was like without a little Spence around.
Our little gathering turned out to be quite massive with about 60 people here. It was a stressful run up to the event with a couple of late nights cooking and decorating cupcakes and buying food to feed an army, but we got there. We had a really good time and so did Spence! He was so cute on the day and was really good, not grumpy at all (although, he's not often grumpy anyway). He was passed from person to person and had a great time.
So what's next on the horizon for Spencer...well we're off to Hobart to visit Grandpa Stu and Grandma Sue in a couple of weeks time, they haven't seem him since he was 6 months old. I imagine walking isn't too far off for the little boy either, he stands up alot and sometimes without holding on and he purposefully comes over and grabs our fingers so that we will 'walk' him around. He is copying us when we say words, he can sort of say 'duck' and 'fish' and 'kiss'. Not too sure he knows what they are though. But his first official word is....wait for it.....'atchoo' (as in a sneeze)! Ky and I discussed it and we think that this is his first real word. He even does the head actions!

06 March 2009


We had an earthquake tonight!!! Well, an 'earth tremor' anyway. I have never felt an earthquake before, it was very strange. We were just sitting here playing a game, Ky and her sister and I and then suddenly there was a big noise and the house started shaking. The whole floor shook and the outside blinds and the pizza tray in the dishrack. It was really weird and we were all just looking at each other trying to work out what was happening. Then Ky says 'It's an earthquake' - which was bizarre because they're not words we say or hear very often here in Melbourne. Must be so scary to live in a place that has real earthquakes because I must say it was even a little scary to experience our little tremor. Just to think the whole ground and house can move like that and you have no control over it....

04 March 2009

Big boy goes to daycare!

It was little Spencer's first day at daycare today. I had to go into the office for work so Ky took him in. Probably a good thing because I would have had trouble leaving him! Ky said he just trotted off (crawling) and found a teddy to play with and that was it! When she went to pick him up the daycare staff said that he was lovely and placid and they wished there were more like him (Or perhaps they say that to all the mums??)!
They gave us a little book that tells us what he had eaten, when he slept and what sort of a day he'd had. It said 'Spencer has had a wonderful day!'. Even if they do say so themselves!!
So our big boy now goes to daycare!

28 February 2009

On the mend and other stuff

Spence is certainly on the mend now. He's almost back to his usual lovely little self, although it was slow going and he did throw up on and off for several days. He's back to crawling around and standing up next to the furniture.

Ky and I are busily trying to edit 12 months worth of footage of the little munchkin so that we can make a video of his first year. We're planning to make a longer version for us and 5 min version that we can show other people and perhaps out on youtube so we can show family interstate.

We went to see Slumdog Millionnaire today. It really was a good film and I can certainly see how it won all of those awards. I would rate it as one of the best movies I have seen, engaging, tragic, uplifting with amazing colour, music and story. Film making certainly is an art.

22 February 2009


We took little Spence to the hospital yesterday. He had thrown up Thursday night several times and also Friday morning. He didn't manage to eat or drink anything much on Friday and woke up a couple of times overnight dry reaching - the poor little thing had nothing in him to throw up! Saturday morning he was just so lethargic, just laying there looking at us. No smiles, no laughing. He couldn't even summon the energy to crawl anywhere or do anything. It just breaks your heart to see him like that.
Ky and I decided first thing to take him to the doctor but on the way decided to go the emergency department instead, figuring at least they would be able to give him fluids if needed. Thankfully at 8.30am on a Saturday morning there was only one other person in the waiting room when we got there. We saw a nice young doctor who examined Spence and decided that it was most likely an upper respiratory tract infection and this had caused the vomiting as well. He was dehydrated (Spence, not the doctor!) and we needed to get some fluids into him. Luckily he would eat the Hydralite icy poles that the hospital had and so Spence ate 6 of them over the next six hours - therefore avoiding having to have a nasogastric put in - which i was really thankful for. He was just so tired and lethargic though, just sleeping in our arms in between icy poles - so unlike him.
We left the hospital mid afternoon with instructions just to keep going with getting fluids into him, so Ky went and bought some icy poles and jelly and we kept trying. He managed to keep a little bit of formula down later that day and so I think he started to turn the corner.
Today he's been much better, he's managed to keep down his bottles and even a little food. We even got some smiles and little laugh! It's just so good to see him getting back to being himself. He's still much more subdued and tired but he's definitely on the mend.
Unfortunately I did manage to get some of this virus and spent alot of last night throwing up or trying to.....gosh, if this is the effect of just 1.5 hours at daycare last Wednesday then I'm not really looking forward to the next few months as he brings home all sorts of bugs.

20 February 2009

First birthday parties

All of the babies in our mother's group are turning one so we have about 10 1st birthday parties coming up.
We have decided just to do a low key family and close friends BBQ type thing for Spencer - especially seeing that he had no idea what a birthday party is! You hear about people going overboard for their 1 year old's birthday with jumping castles and clowns and things. One of the girls from mother's group told Kylie the other day that she has about 80 people coming and has hired circus dogs!!! Wow! Maybe we aren't putting enough effort in here?
So anyway, Kylie wrote out her list of people and I added my list and before you know it we have 67 adults and 18 children invited!! Holy cow! And here i was hanging it on those people who have a massive party for their 1 year old.....perhaps we should book that jumping castle now then??!

Little Sickie

Poor little Spence has been sick overnight. I know they say that when your kids go to daycare they get sick alot at first, but surely the 1.5 hours we spent there on Wednesday could not have already caused him to get sick??
He has had a snuffly nose Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday) and had been crying at night on Wednesday night, but last night the poor little thing woke up crying at 9.30pm and cried his little head off till he vomitted at about 10.30pm. He hadn't really drank his last two bottles so must've been feeling a bit off, but he had eaten dinner, so who knows.....

Having a sick baby on your hands when your partner is at work overnight is difficult. The poor little thing threw up and cried and wanted to be held and i'm there getting thrown up on, trying to catch the vomit. We went through three changes of cot sheets, three changes of clothes, two baths, two changes of my clothes, a few towels - until he fell asleep exhausted about two hours later.
He seems alright this morning but has thrown up his morning bottle....he's still drinking water and he ate some toast this morning (which has stayed down)......

We've been so lucky really, he's never been sick before and he's nearly one! It breaks your heart to see him throwing up and getting such a shock that he cries...poor little Spence.

18 February 2009

Day Care Orientation

I took Spence to the day care centre today for his 'orientation'. It was just an hour and a half, with the idea being that we see how he goes amongst the other kids and start off for real next week.
I think Spence was and will be just fine - but perhaps it wasn't so great for me! It just hits you how many kids there are - some of which spent the entire time crying their heads off - and how little attention he is likely to be paid. It's likely that he'll get sick, fall over, not sleep, not eat etc because no one is paying special attention to him and no one cares for him like we do. But perhaps that is the point. We don't especially need child care right now, but the idea is to get him used to being with other kids and perhaps get him used to not having so much attention - like he does at home. I'm glad it's just one day per week at the moment or else i may not cope!

15 February 2009

Smokey Haze and other stuff!

Melbourne sits under a browny-grey smokey haze today and has done for a few days now. Fires continue across the state, but in a 'manageable' fashion and no more property or lives have been lost in the last couple of days (to my knowledge!).
The sun has been a hazy orange globe in the sky during the day and the moon, a hazy orange ball in the sky at night.

Spence is his lovely self, crawling like a little champion, eating lots more new finger foods this week and sleeping better again since returning from holidays. He is going through a 'spitting' phase at the moment when he eats, which is really, really annoying....he decides half way through a meal that he wants to spit everything at you and continues to do so with every mouthful until we crack it and give up! Hence - the new finger foods this week!

We visited a day care centre nearby last week and have enrolled Spence for one day per week starting from next week! We don't especially need to send him to daycare as our working situation balances out ok for looking after Spence, but we thought it would be good for socialization. We liked the place and the people so we are going for orientation this Thursday.

I am doing the Weightwatchers thing again this week after falling off the wagon a couple of months ago! I had lost about 11 kg since starting WW, then lapsed somewhere in November I think and over the Christmas and holiday break I have piled about 5 kg back on!! Anyway, have been pigging out this week trying to fit every possible sort of junk in before i get back on the fitness train tomorrow!

12 February 2009


I thought it might be nice to post some more lighthearted stuff today.

We have been down in Waratah Bay and Toora for the last two weeks and so here are a couple of pics and videos of our trip.

How funny is Spence's laugh?

11 February 2009

Still Going

Thankfully there haven't been any more people dying. The death toll continues to rise though as more bodies are found. There are currently 181 people confirmed dead with something like another 80 people still missing.
There are still a few large uncontrolled fires going at the moment.

We are still in Toora. I've attached a pic that we have taken of Wilson's Prom, which is also on fire. Tidal River was evacuated the other day so this fire is just going along uncontrolled and inaccessible in remote bush locations.

The other pic is by Stephen Henderson, a CFA volunteer at the Taggerty fire.

10 February 2009

Still another day of sad news

Every morning we get up and hear how the death toll has risen dramatically. This morning the news says 173 people dead. Whole towns are wiped out. It is just awful. The TV station (we can only get one at the moment as we think the TV towers nearby must have been wiped out) shows dramatic pictures, tells stories of horror and death and luck and survival. There are still fires burning. Yesterday Wilson's Prom camp site at Tidal River was evacuated and we could see the smoke from the fire down there and also from the Churchill fires still burning out of control nearby. We went up the hill at the back of Kylie's parent's place at dusk last night and watched the orange glow of the flames from Wilson's Prom.
The photos we are seeing - like those I am posting - I am finding are just amazing, you can't even imagine standing there and seeing this looking at you.....

Photos: Cara Frankish -Healsville, Andrew Bukolt - Drouin West, Rhys Smith - Churchill, Nick Hill - Labertouche Rd

09 February 2009

Devastating fires

Photos - Simon Bourke, Fiona Hamilton, Mark Smith, Andrew Brownbill (x2)

It is just so devastating. 108 people confirmed dead. Men, women and children. Many trying to flee their homes at the last minute and finding themselves stuck in paddocks, in cars, in houses. The worst fires this state has ever seen, if not this country.

They have been sending MFB crews out to help in some areas. I am so glad that Kylie hasn't been called back to go to the fires and that we are all safe. I feel so sad for all those families that have been affected.

08 February 2009

A world on fire.....

Victoria is burning. Yesterday was the hottest day on record in Melbourne with 47 degrees and hot strong winds fanning the state. Walking outside was like walking into a hair dryer. It was predicted to be a day of extreme fire danger and this prediction proved to be true with fires across the entire state that are well up there with the Ash Wednesday fires of 1983.
Entire towns have been destroyed in massive fires all around the state. So far news reports have confirmed 36 people dead across the state and many many more houses and property burnt to the ground. It is scary to see the images of the fires on TV and on the net.

We have been down in Waratah Bay camping for the last ten days and yesterday went to Kylie's sister's wedding. What a hot day for it! We could start to smell the smoke during the wedding ceremony and then could see the smoke from fires nearby in the hills. The fire caused evacuation of nearby Yarram and lots of people at the wedding were concerned about their own properties and the houses and lives of friends and family.

It seems every year some ridiculous people see fit to light the state on fire on days like this one - I just don't understand how some peoples heads work and why you could want to cause this sort of loss and devastation to people.

The day we left Melbourne to drive down here our own suburb had fires in the Paddocks behind our house. We had packed up the car to go camping and as Ky, Spence and I drove off I looked behind us and could see the flames from the fires just a kilometre or two from our house. But you know, I thought to myself, everything that I care most about in this world is here with me. I don't care about the house and our possessions as long as Ky and Spence are with me, it's all ok.

But we were lucky. In comparison to the fires of yesterday and those that continue to burn today, ours were nothing. I feel for all those people who have been involved in the fires and really think the CFA volunteers are amazing.

I've attached some pics - these are from the herald sun website and were taken by Chris Sheffield and Jake Valance.

26 January 2009


We went surfing today, it was awesome. We were so excited to get a morning by ourselves (Kylie's cousin was looking after Spence) that we forgot to take sunscreen....bad mistake for two redheads with white freckly skin......
We now have heads like little beetroots....I give it a day before my whole face peels off.
As well as our beetroot heads here is a pic of Spence and Ky in the pool a couple of days ago.

25 January 2009


It's been a week of firsts for the little man. When we got to Caloundra, Kylie's cousin picked us up and the baby car seat was forward facing. First time he's been in a forward facing car seat. His first little teeth are poking through. He has had his first Weetbix and his first cow's milk. He played for the first time close up with some cute puppies and LOVED them!! All good.

He's taken to waking up at 5am and not going back to sleep at all, so that's one not so good thing. Means our days start really early!

I've been running in the mornings - bloody sweaty business in this heat and humidity. Sweat is kind of a foreign concept to me as I don't really sweat much at all usually - even if I've been to the gym or something.

24 January 2009


We're up in Caloundra on holiday at the moment. It's hot and muggy. The little boy has been pretty good, though had a very grizzly day Jan 21st. It appears that some little teeth have poked their little heads up through his gum - explaining his grizzliness. We're still waiting for them to come right up but you can definately see and feel the little white bits. About time!
Spence has been loving swimming everyday. We've been to the beach and swimming in the pool here.

15 January 2009

The Pute has packed it in....

My desktop computer has called it a day and I've had it carted off to hospital today. The silly thing has been dodgy since the day we got it, but it's one of those intermittent issues that goes away then comes back and build up till it stops working. I've had the warranty fix it guys out here three times now, this time, it's gone to hospital. Hopefully they can fix it all up and send it back better than ever!

Thankfully I just copied some work files I was working on to a USB just before it died! I can't access all the rest of my work stuff which is a bummer, but thankfully am about to go away for a couple of weeks anyway.
Also means i can't make the cool vid i wanted to to show you the little Spence who is crawling around like a champion! I didn't realise that they get such red, bruised looking knees....poor thing!

10 January 2009


Gosh i wish i was a better blogger! I wish i had more time to blog about all the awesome things that are going on in the development of our little Spencer!
Yesterday he started crawling! Really crawling! He's been getting onto all fours for the last few weeks, managing to push himself in circles and backwards for the last week but yesterday he really crawled, like many 'steps' in a row and today he's off and about like a flash! Heaven help us all!
Ky and I spent alot of today rearranging our house to make it safer....we'll see about that!
He's just alot of fun right now....although his sleeping is still a bit funny, but I guess well just have to live with that.
I managed to capture him crawling on my mobile phone video and sent it to Ky at work yesterday - she said it brought tears to her eyes....ahhhhhhhhh.
Anyway, gotta go, he's demolishing the venetian blinds right now!