10 February 2009

Still another day of sad news

Every morning we get up and hear how the death toll has risen dramatically. This morning the news says 173 people dead. Whole towns are wiped out. It is just awful. The TV station (we can only get one at the moment as we think the TV towers nearby must have been wiped out) shows dramatic pictures, tells stories of horror and death and luck and survival. There are still fires burning. Yesterday Wilson's Prom camp site at Tidal River was evacuated and we could see the smoke from the fire down there and also from the Churchill fires still burning out of control nearby. We went up the hill at the back of Kylie's parent's place at dusk last night and watched the orange glow of the flames from Wilson's Prom.
The photos we are seeing - like those I am posting - I am finding are just amazing, you can't even imagine standing there and seeing this looking at you.....

Photos: Cara Frankish -Healsville, Andrew Bukolt - Drouin West, Rhys Smith - Churchill, Nick Hill - Labertouche Rd

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