10 June 2009

Jack of all trades..master of none...well, one.....

Today was the exam for my final subject of my masters. Hoorah!!!
Such a good feeling to have no study to worry about...ever....well, until I decide to study something else! Apparently now, I am a Master of IT!! Ha!
I am looking forward to doing whatever I feel like on my days off now.

On the little boy front, he's sick again. Bloody day care. It seems he just alternates every two weeks between being well and being sick. He's got a really nasty cough and hasn't been sleeping well with it, so we're all feeling it in some way. He's still trying to be his lovely little self even through the sickness, he's been dancing away to the iggle piggle song and loving it! He's just so cute!

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...Mike...Ronja... said...

Congratulations!!!! I exactly know that feeling!! ENJOY!!

Thanks for sharing