04 March 2009

Big boy goes to daycare!

It was little Spencer's first day at daycare today. I had to go into the office for work so Ky took him in. Probably a good thing because I would have had trouble leaving him! Ky said he just trotted off (crawling) and found a teddy to play with and that was it! When she went to pick him up the daycare staff said that he was lovely and placid and they wished there were more like him (Or perhaps they say that to all the mums??)!
They gave us a little book that tells us what he had eaten, when he slept and what sort of a day he'd had. It said 'Spencer has had a wonderful day!'. Even if they do say so themselves!!
So our big boy now goes to daycare!

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...Mike...Ronja... said...

wow..that sounds so easy. Congrats!!!