23 April 2009


Little Spence seems to have grown so much in the last couple of weeks. His talking is really sounding like real talking, he's even saying a few words, like puppy, baby and mummy! Though he does says them to a range of people and objects....oh well, gotta start somewhere!
He's also working out how to use stuff, he's playing with buttons and gauges and toys with much more proficiency than before. It's so cool to seeing him learning all these new things. He's still not walking by himself yet, but he's pushing his little car along by himself and stands up without holding on much more frequently.
We still haven't had his hair cut yet, I think it looks cute as it is but Kylie has mentioned getting it cut a few times now....not sure why I don't want to get it cut, maybe worried he won't look so cute anymore or he'll look so much older!


info said...
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Oh..he looks cute just the way he is. You can could cut it when he's able to walk. So he looks all "grown up" with this new important step. *okay..just rambling on*

Do you, by any chance, have a video of him playing and fidgeting with his toys and buttons? He's such a cutie pie.

Ah..and feel free to tell me if my comments are annoying you. Don't wanna be a pain in the a....