10 January 2009


Gosh i wish i was a better blogger! I wish i had more time to blog about all the awesome things that are going on in the development of our little Spencer!
Yesterday he started crawling! Really crawling! He's been getting onto all fours for the last few weeks, managing to push himself in circles and backwards for the last week but yesterday he really crawled, like many 'steps' in a row and today he's off and about like a flash! Heaven help us all!
Ky and I spent alot of today rearranging our house to make it safer....we'll see about that!
He's just alot of fun right now....although his sleeping is still a bit funny, but I guess well just have to live with that.
I managed to capture him crawling on my mobile phone video and sent it to Ky at work yesterday - she said it brought tears to her eyes....ahhhhhhhhh.
Anyway, gotta go, he's demolishing the venetian blinds right now!

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...Mike...Ronja... said...

loool...sounds like a lot of work...maybe you can put a video on youtube. We are enjoying them very much. He has such cute eyes. Like little teddy bear buttons.