26 August 2009

Gosh, it's been ages!

Yes, sorry for that interlude in transmission.....just so much happening...where to start:
1. We're moving to the country - yes, we've bought a new house in 'the country', a little town with a population of only 500 in Gippsland, Victoria. It's pretty close to a much bigger town and only an hour and a half from Melbourne, so it's not too drastic. We're really excited, we have half an acre with a nice house on it. It backs onto someone elses farm so we get to see the cows and stuff and feel like we live on a farm, without having to do all the hard work associated!

2. We've started a business - just a little one and we're just going slowly doing all the setup required. It's a website development business.

3. Spencer is lovely! He's almost 18 months old and saying some words, like Mummy, More, Up, Pakka (Makka Pakka - a character from a children's show), Car-Car, Bikky, Nanna, Fish (he says Shish), Duck, Turtle (he says Ter-Ter), Crocodile (he says Croca), Drink (he says dink), cheese...and some more that i can't think of right now! He also babbles alot and has quite detailed conversations that we can't really understand!

4. Spencer is going to be on the front page of a magazine...well, ok, it's not really a magazine as such, but the annual report of a government department! A friend works at the Office of the Child Safety Commissioner in the Victorian Government and she saw a pic of Spence and asked if they could use it on their front cover, so of course we said yes!

5. We are going to be on television! After me giving a very successful presentation at a Property investment seminar recently we have received alot of positive feedback and somehow this went back to a property investment celebrity who hosts a show on foxtel. She is going to interview us for the show next week!

Gosh, well that's lots of news for now!