22 March 2009

Spencer's Birthday Party

Well our little boy has turned one! Hard to believe, it's all gone so fast, yet on the other hand, it's difficult to remember what life was like without a little Spence around.
Our little gathering turned out to be quite massive with about 60 people here. It was a stressful run up to the event with a couple of late nights cooking and decorating cupcakes and buying food to feed an army, but we got there. We had a really good time and so did Spence! He was so cute on the day and was really good, not grumpy at all (although, he's not often grumpy anyway). He was passed from person to person and had a great time.
So what's next on the horizon for Spencer...well we're off to Hobart to visit Grandpa Stu and Grandma Sue in a couple of weeks time, they haven't seem him since he was 6 months old. I imagine walking isn't too far off for the little boy either, he stands up alot and sometimes without holding on and he purposefully comes over and grabs our fingers so that we will 'walk' him around. He is copying us when we say words, he can sort of say 'duck' and 'fish' and 'kiss'. Not too sure he knows what they are though. But his first official word is....wait for it.....'atchoo' (as in a sneeze)! Ky and I discussed it and we think that this is his first real word. He even does the head actions!

06 March 2009


We had an earthquake tonight!!! Well, an 'earth tremor' anyway. I have never felt an earthquake before, it was very strange. We were just sitting here playing a game, Ky and her sister and I and then suddenly there was a big noise and the house started shaking. The whole floor shook and the outside blinds and the pizza tray in the dishrack. It was really weird and we were all just looking at each other trying to work out what was happening. Then Ky says 'It's an earthquake' - which was bizarre because they're not words we say or hear very often here in Melbourne. Must be so scary to live in a place that has real earthquakes because I must say it was even a little scary to experience our little tremor. Just to think the whole ground and house can move like that and you have no control over it....

04 March 2009

Big boy goes to daycare!

It was little Spencer's first day at daycare today. I had to go into the office for work so Ky took him in. Probably a good thing because I would have had trouble leaving him! Ky said he just trotted off (crawling) and found a teddy to play with and that was it! When she went to pick him up the daycare staff said that he was lovely and placid and they wished there were more like him (Or perhaps they say that to all the mums??)!
They gave us a little book that tells us what he had eaten, when he slept and what sort of a day he'd had. It said 'Spencer has had a wonderful day!'. Even if they do say so themselves!!
So our big boy now goes to daycare!