18 February 2009

Day Care Orientation

I took Spence to the day care centre today for his 'orientation'. It was just an hour and a half, with the idea being that we see how he goes amongst the other kids and start off for real next week.
I think Spence was and will be just fine - but perhaps it wasn't so great for me! It just hits you how many kids there are - some of which spent the entire time crying their heads off - and how little attention he is likely to be paid. It's likely that he'll get sick, fall over, not sleep, not eat etc because no one is paying special attention to him and no one cares for him like we do. But perhaps that is the point. We don't especially need child care right now, but the idea is to get him used to being with other kids and perhaps get him used to not having so much attention - like he does at home. I'm glad it's just one day per week at the moment or else i may not cope!

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