25 April 2009

Happy 3 Years to us!

It's our three year anniversary today and as I look back I think what amazing things we've done in such a short time.

I am so very lucky to have such amazing things and amazing people in my life. I love our life together and I love our family.

23 April 2009


Little Spence seems to have grown so much in the last couple of weeks. His talking is really sounding like real talking, he's even saying a few words, like puppy, baby and mummy! Though he does says them to a range of people and objects....oh well, gotta start somewhere!
He's also working out how to use stuff, he's playing with buttons and gauges and toys with much more proficiency than before. It's so cool to seeing him learning all these new things. He's still not walking by himself yet, but he's pushing his little car along by himself and stands up without holding on much more frequently.
We still haven't had his hair cut yet, I think it looks cute as it is but Kylie has mentioned getting it cut a few times now....not sure why I don't want to get it cut, maybe worried he won't look so cute anymore or he'll look so much older!

21 April 2009

The Big C

My dad has cancer. What a horrible sentence to type. The mass in his bladder is being removed tomorrow. He's had a scan on the rest of his body but not sure of the result of that yet. Not sure whether further treatment is required beyond the bladder resection. I'm trying not to worry too much but it's hard not to.

Regarding my other little sickies - Ky and Spence - well they're both good, apart from snotty grotty noses, which we've all had, they are good.

We had a lovely weekend last weekend. I planned a special treat where we dropped Spence off at mum's house and we went into the city and went shopping then checked into our nice hotel apartment, went to the gym and for a swim, went out for a lovely dinner and then went to see Billy Elliot the musical. We then went to the Home Improvements Show on Sunday morning before going back to get Spence from mums. We had an awesome time.

09 April 2009

Sickness, day procedure and biopsies.

Little Spence was unwell again last week. Poor little had a snuffly nose and had trouble sleeping because he was all clogged up, so we had about four sleepless nights. He's pretty much better now. He's getting more and more confident standing up without holding onto things and he's even started to walk around pushing his little car all by himself!
Ky had a little operation today but all is good, just a little look around and seems everything is good.
My dad on the other hand has been having some issues and it seems that he has a 'mass' that is being investigated. That's a little scary. It'll be a few weeks though before we find out what the go is.
I've been a stress head for the past 3-4 weeks now. Work is just far too busy and it seems to be all that i am doing day and night. We're off for a few days again tomorrow to the country, but of course i have to work 3 out of the four days we're away, so not much of a holiday for me.....would really like to change something about what I am doing workwise, it's just not worth all the stress....