15 February 2009

Smokey Haze and other stuff!

Melbourne sits under a browny-grey smokey haze today and has done for a few days now. Fires continue across the state, but in a 'manageable' fashion and no more property or lives have been lost in the last couple of days (to my knowledge!).
The sun has been a hazy orange globe in the sky during the day and the moon, a hazy orange ball in the sky at night.

Spence is his lovely self, crawling like a little champion, eating lots more new finger foods this week and sleeping better again since returning from holidays. He is going through a 'spitting' phase at the moment when he eats, which is really, really annoying....he decides half way through a meal that he wants to spit everything at you and continues to do so with every mouthful until we crack it and give up! Hence - the new finger foods this week!

We visited a day care centre nearby last week and have enrolled Spence for one day per week starting from next week! We don't especially need to send him to daycare as our working situation balances out ok for looking after Spence, but we thought it would be good for socialization. We liked the place and the people so we are going for orientation this Thursday.

I am doing the Weightwatchers thing again this week after falling off the wagon a couple of months ago! I had lost about 11 kg since starting WW, then lapsed somewhere in November I think and over the Christmas and holiday break I have piled about 5 kg back on!! Anyway, have been pigging out this week trying to fit every possible sort of junk in before i get back on the fitness train tomorrow!

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