11 February 2009

Still Going

Thankfully there haven't been any more people dying. The death toll continues to rise though as more bodies are found. There are currently 181 people confirmed dead with something like another 80 people still missing.
There are still a few large uncontrolled fires going at the moment.

We are still in Toora. I've attached a pic that we have taken of Wilson's Prom, which is also on fire. Tidal River was evacuated the other day so this fire is just going along uncontrolled and inaccessible in remote bush locations.

The other pic is by Stephen Henderson, a CFA volunteer at the Taggerty fire.

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...Mike...Ronja... said...

I am checking your blog daily and I am really shocked about the fires. The news are reporting about the fires here too. (Austria) Here we have snow and it's freezing. So, hard to imagine somewhere else being that hot.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!