20 February 2009

First birthday parties

All of the babies in our mother's group are turning one so we have about 10 1st birthday parties coming up.
We have decided just to do a low key family and close friends BBQ type thing for Spencer - especially seeing that he had no idea what a birthday party is! You hear about people going overboard for their 1 year old's birthday with jumping castles and clowns and things. One of the girls from mother's group told Kylie the other day that she has about 80 people coming and has hired circus dogs!!! Wow! Maybe we aren't putting enough effort in here?
So anyway, Kylie wrote out her list of people and I added my list and before you know it we have 67 adults and 18 children invited!! Holy cow! And here i was hanging it on those people who have a massive party for their 1 year old.....perhaps we should book that jumping castle now then??!

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Shila said...

I think we must all go through those 1st birthday party deliberations, you want to do something special to mark the occaision but you wonder how sensible to is to go all when the one year old is going to have no idea what is going on! I think it's just a great excuse to have a party! Here is a great webiste if you decide you need gorgeous partybag gifts & the like www.thebirthdaypartycompany.com
Have a great party.