16 June 2009

Count your blessings

A work colleague of mine lost his little boy on the weekend. He stopped breathing and although he was resuscitated, he had been down too long and his 'life support' was stopped.

His son was just a few months older than Spencer and although he had been sick over the past few months and undergone a major operation, he had returned home and was on the mend. Then...bam...he's gone.

I don't know how anyone can manage to cope, to go on with life after losing a child. I am just so so sad to think of my poor friend and his wife and it brings tears to my eyes to just think about it. I cannot imagine the pain they must be feeling and I just hope that they can manage to keep going.

Count your blessings, because you just never know.....

10 June 2009

Jack of all trades..master of none...well, one.....

Today was the exam for my final subject of my masters. Hoorah!!!
Such a good feeling to have no study to worry about...ever....well, until I decide to study something else! Apparently now, I am a Master of IT!! Ha!
I am looking forward to doing whatever I feel like on my days off now.

On the little boy front, he's sick again. Bloody day care. It seems he just alternates every two weeks between being well and being sick. He's got a really nasty cough and hasn't been sleeping well with it, so we're all feeling it in some way. He's still trying to be his lovely little self even through the sickness, he's been dancing away to the iggle piggle song and loving it! He's just so cute!

03 June 2009

Moving to the country....gonna eat a lot of peaches.....

Yes, a great lyric from the Presidents of the United States of America...whatever happened to them.....

Somewhat relevant to us at the moment as we are contemplating a move to the country. We are looking for somewhere that is close enough so that Ky can commute to work in Metropolitan Melbourne, but far enough that it can be called 'the country'!

We would like Spence to grow up in the country, especially with the increase in violence and crime that seems to be occurring all around the country in our major cities. The number of stabbings and bashings we hear about on the news now is frightening and the amount of ridiculous alcohol fuelled violence that goes on at night is terrible. I don't know what has happened to our society but it seems that people just lack basic respect for each other. And unless you can afford to buy a home in a more affluent, less 'rough' suburb, then you're stuck in the burbs with the riff raff! Like us!!

So...we are contemplating a move and just waiting till my uni finishes next week to do some real research and visit a few propective places...

On the Spence front...he's going great, walking around, babbling to himself, saying his few recognizable words, being generally very cute! He's almost 15 months now, wow!