10 July 2008


Well Spencer is almost back to eating properly and sleeping properly, thank goodness!! That night time waking thing is hard work! We went to the MCHN yesterday and he's 6.3kg now, the big boofer!! He's doing great and has started to giggle this week. The last few days he has been doing these funny high pitched squeals and we just worked out last night that they are the start of a giggle! How cute, give it a couple of weeks and i reckon he'll be really giggling - can't wait to get it on video!!

On the weight watchers front, it's been slow going, but i am losing weight. Have lost total of 2.7kg now. I've been pretty strict about it (apart from a gigantic popcorn at the movies!) and i have been cooking up some nice stuff - getting quite into it. I managed to wear a pair of pants the other day from my 'normal' wardrobe - rather than the maternity wear or tracksuit pants! I am determined to get to my 10% goal by my birthday in September. That's still another 5kg away.

Anyway, back to work for me! Will leave you with a pic of the little boofer!! He's getting so big!