10 December 2007

26 weeks

Here is the big fat tummy at 26 weeks!!! It is massive!!!
I am becoming a partial outie!!!!
All is progressing well on the baby front. I am feeling better than earlier days now but still mostly having a big sore stomach all the time. Little Walex has been very active over the last four weeks or so, which is really cool and you can even see my stomach move when he does a big kick! Kylie can feel him too which is really exciting.
We move into our new house this week and then we can set up the baby's room! It's just so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are going to see a lawyer on Wednesday to see where we stand legally in terms of a parenting order so Kylie is recognised as the other parent and a will so that Kylie and Walex are looked after in case of......well let's not think of that.
Next obst. appointment is New Year's Eve!!