09 May 2009

Look at him go!!

I can't believe that in three days he's got it. From a couple of little baby steps to walking right across the room!!

07 May 2009

Baby steps!

The little boy has started to take some little steps all by himself!!
We are so excited! A few days ago he took one step by himself and then yesterday he took a few more and today he has been taking little steps all over the place!! At one point he even took about 6 in a row!!!
It's so exciting!! I managed to get a little bit on video and if I ever get some spare time I will get it into a format that I can post here - perhaps on the weekend.
Here's a recent pic of the lovely boy.

03 May 2009

Still here....

Yep, still here....just unbelievably busy, work is still crazy and my uni stuff is taking every other bit of time I have left. It's just six weeks or so to go now and I will be finished my Masters....thank goodness....really just want to take it easy and enjoy life for a little bit after my exam. I feel that everything is just so rushed at the moment.
Spence is going great, still cruising along furniture but not quite walking by himself. He's just starting to learn to 'dance' which is cute. I think that we have decided that it's time to get his first haircut. As much as I want to let it grow as it is, it's in his eyes all the time, so has to go. I will be sure to get the before and after shots up here!