24 December 2009

Now it really is the night before Christmas!!

Gosh, I can't believe it's Christmas tomorrow! Time has really flown by! I have been flat chat working, we've been away to Queensland for two weeks then down to Waratah Bay for a week, life has been hectic and great!

Spence is going great guns! His speech gets better every day, he has new words and strings together sentences, it's amazing to watch! I don't think we'd be able to count his vocabulary even if we tried now, he has just picked up so much over the last two months. And he says and does such funny little things, it's quite amusing.

We are having a big Christmas at our house tomorrow with family. We're so excited, our xmas tree is nearly covered up by the presents stacked around it!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Here's a few pics of pits and pieces:

Little vegie gardens when I first planted them

And what they look like now!! Plus the big vegie garden I'm making:

This is the toybox that I made for Spence:

Ky and Spence - we went for a picnic to Tarago Reservoir the other week:

Here's our stacked up Christmas tree!

Macadamia nut parfait at The Big Pineapple in Nambour!

Spence loved swimming everyday up in Caloundra

Port Welshpool

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michaelawimberger said...

looooooooooool...love your Christmas Tree. *giggle* It's so strange to see you around in shorts. Here it's freezing cold outside. -15°C and a lot of snow.

Spence has grown so much. WOW!

Thanks for the update.