15 January 2009

The Pute has packed it in....

My desktop computer has called it a day and I've had it carted off to hospital today. The silly thing has been dodgy since the day we got it, but it's one of those intermittent issues that goes away then comes back and build up till it stops working. I've had the warranty fix it guys out here three times now, this time, it's gone to hospital. Hopefully they can fix it all up and send it back better than ever!

Thankfully I just copied some work files I was working on to a USB just before it died! I can't access all the rest of my work stuff which is a bummer, but thankfully am about to go away for a couple of weeks anyway.
Also means i can't make the cool vid i wanted to to show you the little Spence who is crawling around like a champion! I didn't realise that they get such red, bruised looking knees....poor thing!

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