20 February 2009

Little Sickie

Poor little Spence has been sick overnight. I know they say that when your kids go to daycare they get sick alot at first, but surely the 1.5 hours we spent there on Wednesday could not have already caused him to get sick??
He has had a snuffly nose Wednesday and yesterday (Thursday) and had been crying at night on Wednesday night, but last night the poor little thing woke up crying at 9.30pm and cried his little head off till he vomitted at about 10.30pm. He hadn't really drank his last two bottles so must've been feeling a bit off, but he had eaten dinner, so who knows.....

Having a sick baby on your hands when your partner is at work overnight is difficult. The poor little thing threw up and cried and wanted to be held and i'm there getting thrown up on, trying to catch the vomit. We went through three changes of cot sheets, three changes of clothes, two baths, two changes of my clothes, a few towels - until he fell asleep exhausted about two hours later.
He seems alright this morning but has thrown up his morning bottle....he's still drinking water and he ate some toast this morning (which has stayed down)......

We've been so lucky really, he's never been sick before and he's nearly one! It breaks your heart to see him throwing up and getting such a shock that he cries...poor little Spence.

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