25 February 2008


Still here...counting it down......17 days to go......

Went to obs last week, thankfully he gave me some Zantac for the heartburn that had been getting me down for a week or so. It has worked wonders and I feel alot better. I am still fat and uncomfortable, really struggling to walk around now, hard to sleep....but other than that.....!!
We have to see the obs weekly now, so off to see him again in two days. We are 37 weeks tomorrow. Thank goodness! Will take a 37 week pic and put it up....be warned, stretch mark city!

16 February 2008


My friend Jo went in for her Caesarian on Valentine's day. She had a little boy that they named Alexander. Yay Jo!


The belly button is a strange thing during pregnancy. First it started to slowly push out, just little bits of it, when i was laughing or something, so i was a partial outtie. Slowly it became a full outtie and now, it seems my stomach caught up with it and it is so stretched that it is now 'a flat'. It's just a dot sometimes! I looked in the mirror the other day and saw this little pink dot thing on my stomach and thought 'what's that' - and it was my belly button, just a little flat dot!
It goes between a flat and an outtie now depending on what the baby is doing and what i am doing. It also has like a crater or a moat around it! Kind of like a little depression that encircles it and then the flat/outtie. Very interesting! It's also very very soft skin. Talk about naval gazing! I don't suppose i'll get to see it like this again (unless i have another bub) so i should take a photo of it!


I've had a pretty uncomfortable week. Having lots of heartburn now and just feeling pretty heavy, sore and crappy most of the time. Doesn't seem to matter if i eat or not, still have heartburn. Feel crap laying down and feel crap sitting up. Haven't slept well for a while.
Finished up work yesterday - well, working in the office, anyway. Gonna work from home for a couple of weeks now. I am so relieved as it was really becoming quite a struggle to go in, so at least now i can work at home and just have a lay down when i need to.
Walex is still moving like crazy, sometimes it makes me feel sick or kinda like i have palpitations.
I can't wait for the next three and a half weeks to pass, i am so over feeling crappy that i am really excited and looking forward to having my stomach cut open!! How sick is that!!

13 February 2008

35 weeks

Well, it was inevitable, i guess.....stretchmarks....... :(
For some reason I thought that given i had got so far without them, I would manage to get away with none. Alas, they have arrived and are getting bigger and multiplying drastically with every cm that Walex grows - and he's growing lots!
Oh well, guess that's just part of the fun.
On the positive side, I've worked through my name dilemma. I spoke to a friend of mine, who is a long time sailor, to see what he thought of 'Jonah'. He said not to worry about it and that he'd hardly ever heard it referred to as a bad luck term. So now I'm happy again and i still think it's top of the list at the moment.
Little Walex is still really active, given that he's supposed to out of room to move in there! His actions are quite forceful and sometime can hurt a bit and there are times where i'm sure he's just gonna jump on out any minute now! But he can't - because as a colleague of mine reminded me the other day - i don't actually have health cover for maternity related care until Feb 19th!! So if i go before then, it's off to the public hospital for me! So need to keep him in there for another week at least!

08 February 2008

34 weeks

Had another appointment yesterday with the obs. Once again all is going to plan, heart rate good, big fat tummy size good, baby generally good.
I am not feeling fantastic and am pretty sore and still struggling - but that's not new...
We have a confirmed date now - March 13th. Have to be at hospital at 1200 for the Caesarian at 1415hrs. I think that's a good time, can get up really early have some breakfast, then back to bed for a bit. Kylie will be working the night shift so will come home and then we can leave about 1100 for the hospital.

Got a little name dilemma....we had a short list for ages, then just recently came across another name - Jonah - that we both like and i think that was gonna be the one. The problem i have is that, being a sailor, Jonah carries some negotive connotations in sailing circles based on the biblical story of Jonah. So i really like it and i don't care about silly connotations, but all my friends are sailors and i can imagine what we'll hear from them. Also, what if he grows up to be a sailor like me - then not a good name to have.....bummer......anyways, will have to talk about it with Ky again.

01 February 2008

Nearly 34 weeks

Pic from 32 weeks:

Yep, 33 and a half weeks now. Sometimes i think this stomach cannot possibly get any bigger....but it does! I am pretty fat, uncomfortable and sore most of the time now. Struggling to get around and to do anything that involves activity for too long without needing a rest.
Had a little hiccup a couple of weeks ago when i fainted - luckily was sitting down at the time! It was a bit worrying but Walex has still been moving around and all seems good. I would have called the obs, but he's away on holidays. Was gonna got to GP just to make sure everything ok, but in the end, haven't done anything. Now i have worried myself into a bit of a state thinking what if something is wrong and it's my fault because i haven't gone to dr? The obs is back this week and i have appointment on Tuesday, so hopefully he will check everything out and put my mind at ease.

Have been really sore low down in my stomach, kind of like muscular sore, sometimes so much that i stuggle to walk. In bed at night i can't lay on my back, get really sore hips on my sides and it hurts and takes quite some effort to turn over. For the most part I think i am coping ok, but it sometimes gets me down. I have felt crap everyday of the entire pregnancy and can't remember what it felt like anymore to feel good. Just hanging in there now, counting down the days.

Speaking of counting down, just 8 more working days for me in the office, then 8 more from home. I can't wait. I can feel the stress leaving me and the things that would normally be stressing me out at work aren't stressing me anymore as i know i won't be there much longer! It's a really nice feeling actually to go to work and not be so stressed and angry all the time. Poor Kim, my replacement, though! He's copping it all now!