13 June 2007

Whose ya daddy?

We had an exciting task to do.

We'd been given four donor profiles with matching codes and we had to choose which one we wanted to use and notify the IVF clinic of our chosen code as soon as possible.

The profiles contained just basic information about each of the donors, things like eye colour, hair colour, build, height, occupation, education level and some medical history. They also contained some interesting questions like:

Hobbies and Interests
Reason for donating
Message for any person conceived using your sperm

I found those ones really interesting. It's kind of like looking at online dating sites, trying to come up with what you think someone is like from just a few words here and there. It's amazing how judgemental you can be based on just a few words (i know, i've done internet dating!!).

Our decision wasn't very difficult at all. There were two absolute no's and then there were two possibilities. In the end we went for one with blue eyes as i have blue eyes, so we thought maybe the baby would (ah, baby, i said it again!) and the other thing i really liked about him was the little message he written to his potential offspring. He seemed really sensitive and kind and environmentally friendly! I liked it.

We rang the IVF clinic and let them know - on the same day we'd been given the profiles - didn't want to miss out in case some other couple chose him first!

Ky and I gave our donor a name so that we didn't just have to call him 'the donor' all the time. We called him Seth. So Seth was our man.

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