11 June 2007

Pregnancy Pills

Ky and I talked about it and she was 100% with me. Thank goodness, because it was a little frightening. Definately exciting, but a little bit frightening nonetheless!

The next step in the process was for us to visit the counsellor, the nurse, IVF accounts and the specialist again. I planned it all on the one day so that we could both take a day off work and do it all together. We were going on holiday to New Zealand so we booked out big day out to occur in April when we came back - the day before our 1 year anniversary!

In the meantime, i had my implanon implant (contraceptive implant which stops you from having periods, used for endometriosis symptom control) removed and i bought some folic acid tablets from the chemist.

They came in a brown bottle with a pink label and an image of a pregant women on it!! Ky and i looked at each other as we walked out of the chemist with our little bottle of pregnancy pills. '"oh, my god!" we said.

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