24 June 2007

Ready for Pickup

The IVF clinic has been calling me every second day to check on my hyper-stimulated ovaries. I'm feeling ok, just a bit uncomfortable in the ovary region, but not too bad. Apparently, if they think that the Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrom (OHSS) is significant enough then they will collect and freeze all of the eggs and i will have to get a period - which eliminates all the symptoms of the OHSS and then we do a thaw cycle next month. Although i understand why they need to do this, i'm just hoping that my ovaries behave and that we can do the embryo transfer this time around.

I have been feeling pretty good emotionally since my last little 'emotional hickup', so that's a good thing. We went to see my friend Jo today. We told her about our IVF treatment. It was really good to talk to someone about it, as we haven't really told anyone (other than Tappster). Jo has a baby so it was great to talk to someone who has been pregnant before, although she didn't paint the nicest of pictures!! Turns out she is currently six weeks pregnant at the moment! That was a nice surprise. She's just taking it cautiously at the moment, waiting to see how things progress in this early stage.

The clinic called today with my trigger injection time. It's 8.30pm tonight. So i've taken my last Gonad injection last night and my last snort of Synarel this morning. We'll do the trigger tonight and then that's it till Tuesday morning, 8.20am when i am to go to the Royal Women's Hospital for the Ovum Pickup (OPU). Better ring Tappster and make sure she's still a go-er.

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