13 June 2007

Starting out

There are different type of IVF treatment, mine was called a Down Regulation Cycle. So when i talk about the treatments i'm having, just bear in mind, not everyone's is the same. Even within the same type of cycle, things can change.

The first step in the process is to start taking the pill. Sounds odd i know. So we waited patiently for my period to start. We had instructions to call the IVF nurses on the day my period started and then they would give us our next instructions.

The day my period started we were just on our way out to a big BBQ with my sailing frields on a Sunday afternoon. We had some friends down from Sydney too. We hadn't really told anyone about us starting IVF, so i had to discretely tell Kylie whilst no one was around. "Oh my god!"

Being a Sunday there wasn't anyone at the IVF place to call so i just waited until Monday morning and then rang. They called me back sometime during that day, informing me to start taking the pilll the following Friday and then start taking the nasal spray (Synarel) on the 30/5/2007.

So, i started the taking the pill.

That was when things started to get a little interesting.

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