11 June 2007

Meeting the Specialist

Late March 2007 was the first appointment with the specialist. I had to go by myself as it was during working hours and so hard for Ky to get the time off. It was strange sitting in the waiting room, all those couples around and i still felt like a bit of a tourist, like i didn't belong here. I'm not sure what it was.

The doctor was a quiet man but pleasant. He asked me some questions about my 'fertility' history and told me that I would be started on the IVF program as i was deemed to be medically infertile and therefore qualified for infertility treatment.

Two things were in my head:

1. Ye-hah, for once, having endometriosis is a good thing!
2. Holy crap, he's starting me on IVF, but i was still just doing some 'fact finding'!

I went home with my head spinning. Perhaps i need to just ring them up and say i'm not ready to do it yet. But then, when would i be ready? It's funny, when you're heterosexual, things can just happen, but when it's two girls, well, it ain't just gonna happen by accident!

The more i thought about it, the more i thought 'Yes, let's do this!'.

Perhaps i should have a bit more of a talk to Kylie about this!!

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