13 June 2007

Down Regulation Scan

I went back to the Specialist for my Down Regulation scan on 12/06/2007. The down regulation scan is to assess your body's response to the pre-treatment phase. What they are looking for is no follicles and a nice and thin endometrium. The scan is a vaginal ultrasound - which are actually surprising ok. I had conjured up an image of something painful and uncomfortable - as i tend to find pap smears hurt (not sure if that's just me because of the endometriosis or whether it hurts everyone - though have just asked Kylie this minute who says they don't hurt her - but then again she's hard core!).

Anway, back to the topic at hand. Ah yes, the ultrasound, it lasted all of about 15 seconds! The doctor just stuck the probe in and says "You're ready" and takes it out again. I've heard that's how men do it! - Just kidding!

So then i trotted off the to another nurse who explained the next step.

I was to start the stimulation phase of the treatment, where i inject myself with Gonal-F each day (which Kylie likes to call Gonad) as well as taking the nasal spray. The goal of this is to produce lots of healthy and wonderful follicles ripe for harvest in about a week and a half!!!

Wow, it's really happening now!

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