11 June 2007

Life gets in the way

Life got busy, as life tends to do.

Kylie and i were blissfully happy and i can honestly say - being with Ky - it has been the happiest time of my life. She is just amazing.

Yeah, yeah, ok...puke material!

Anyways, we moved house to a nice place in Bentleigh, work was busy, Christmas came along, I sailed the Melbourne to Hobart race, it was summer, we went away on the weekends alot and surfed, life was grand!

My specialist referral sat on my desk for sometime before i decided to take another step.

Being the overcautious planner that i am, i still had some questions i wanted to follow up with, so made another appointment with the GP. This time i scheduled a meeting with another doctor at the Clinic. She's a well known GP whose specialty areas include lesbian health and lesbian parenting. Kylie and I both went. We asked some more questions (the actual questions i don't even remember now!). I still had the referral letter to the IVF specialist and so the GP ordered all of the blood tests that she thought the specialist would require and told me to start taking Folic acid!

I booked an appointment at the specialist's office.

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