05 January 2010

Geelong Week

Ooh, I'm a bit excited. I am going away all by myself for a sailing regatta for four whole days!! The regatta is the biggest in Australia and is a great place to be over Australia Day weekend. I haven't been since before Spencer days - so long ago now!!
Ky and Spencer aren't coming at all - so this will be the longest i've been away from Spence and one of the longest away from Ky.

Here's a picture of the boat I used to sail on - just to inspire you! This picture was taken at the start of the Melbourne to Hobart Race in 2005 - I'm the one in the....ahh, doesn't matter!


michaelawimberger said...

Enjoy the days and come back with lots and lots of positive energy!

Michaela said...

Hey, how are you holding up? I'm still stopping by almost every day. Did you stop blogging? Why?

kaz said...

Well how funny?! I was just thinking of this blog last night!
I have stopped making entries on here just from sheer busy-ness! I am currently working pretty much full time and running about 8 websites that require a lot of input so my own blog has fallen by the wayside a bit!
Perhaps I should aim for a monthly update in the least??

Michaela said...

Oh yes, you should AT LEAST!!! write once a month. Or maybe once a day? *giggle*