11 August 2008

Baby Rice and Peer Group Pressure

I wonder if babies actually like baby rice? For the last five days we've tried to give Spencer baby rice - he's just 5 months old and although the WHO recommend not starting solids until 6 months, we were feeling the pressure. All except two babies at mother's group have already started with solids. So we caved and went to the shop and got some baby rice for 4 months +. The big moment came and we got our little concoction of rice and formula and the special little pink rubbery spoon that i accidently stole from Big W (that's another story!) and we gave it a shot. He loved it!! Nahh, just kidding - he hated it! See for yourself in the vid below!!

We've persevered though, much to his horror, so now he is actually trying to 'eat'. I was wondering how long I have to keep giving him this horrible stuff before we can give him something nicer. Books and websites say stick with the rice for a few weeks - but i'm not so sure, we may just pull out the big guns - sweet potato and banana (not together though!) - they seem to be popular with the mums.


Mum and Mummy said...

F hated the rice as well. On top of that it plugged up his digestive system. We started with veges to see if he would take savoury before sweet. Pumpkin and sweet potato were the favs. Best of luck!

kaz said...

Thanks - you've sealed it for us, we're gonna go for pumpkin and sweet potato! Kaz