16 February 2008


The belly button is a strange thing during pregnancy. First it started to slowly push out, just little bits of it, when i was laughing or something, so i was a partial outtie. Slowly it became a full outtie and now, it seems my stomach caught up with it and it is so stretched that it is now 'a flat'. It's just a dot sometimes! I looked in the mirror the other day and saw this little pink dot thing on my stomach and thought 'what's that' - and it was my belly button, just a little flat dot!
It goes between a flat and an outtie now depending on what the baby is doing and what i am doing. It also has like a crater or a moat around it! Kind of like a little depression that encircles it and then the flat/outtie. Very interesting! It's also very very soft skin. Talk about naval gazing! I don't suppose i'll get to see it like this again (unless i have another bub) so i should take a photo of it!

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