06 August 2007

Public knowledge

We made an announcement on Saturday to the boat crew. Didn't really plan to announce it to everyone, just wanted to let Noel and Nev know as i wouldn't be sailing anymore. Noel decided we should tell the whole crew, so before we knew it we were making an announcement to th whole crew. It was kind of nice to tell everyone and they were all happy for us. On the other hand, it's still so early and i'm still scared something may go wrong.

I'm still feeling sick alot, but it's manageable and i'm able to stilll function ok. Though speaking of function....my bowel function has become somewhat bizarre and not pleasant! It seems to be living a life of its own and producing things that don't really resemble anything like what it used to!! I have other body changes too, weird little things on my breasts, little lumps and stuff. This pregnancy thing does such weird things to your body. It takes over completey and is now running the show!

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